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How Moisturized Air suffocates
    your business?
Compressed Air is vulnerable to various types of contamination which greatly reduces its value as a power source and which can have a profound effect on the machinery that it operates. Moisture is most common contaminant present and the one which probably causes the most damage. There is approximately about 35gms of water in one Cubic Meter of atmospheric air, a Cubic Meter of air weighs approximately 1kg. (1000gms). This means, 3.5% of air may be Moisture, it is harmful in compressed air pipeline. Over 80% of this nuisance comprises of particles less than 2 Microns in size and these easily pass through a typical compressor intake filter. This Moisture must be removed from the compressed airline as, it corrodes the pipeline and equipments, damages coatings, contaminates lubricants, washes it from pneumatic loops etc. Now 1 Meter Cube of air will hold only 35gms of water at ambient temperature, the system will release the liquid water, oil etc. Beyond 35gms i.e. 245gms Per 1 Meter Cube of air. The liquid will be in fog/aerosol form and be carried into the pipe work down-stream. The wet air will generate large quantity of rust and scale. Hence, Moisture is the most unwelcome product in compressed air system.

How "HYDINT" Moisture Separator
    solves this problem efficiently ?
"HYDINT" Moisture Separator is the best step. The Plant In-charge can avoid the damage likely to be caused by Moisture. The Separator will not need ANY MAINTENANCE and/or repairs. It will do its duty all the time with no moving parts, without maintenance and totally trouble free. The Separator can prove to be a great asset to the Plant Operations. The Separators are available for all flows, line sizes, pressure, temperature, flange ratings with an Advanced Moisture Relief System.

How & Where to install
    "HYDINT" Moisture Separator ?
This Separator must be installed just before the machine/unit that needs to be operated. When installed, before a dryer, the life of desiccant will certainly be enhanced. Re-generation cycle time will be reduced. All this means a highly economical proposition. Install before the F.R.L. unit (if installed) to enhance the life of the units as well as any other valves and accessories. Install in the direction indicated by the arrow. Check the bowl to see accumulation of Moisture, use the vent valve in the bowl to remove air/lock if there is no evident accumulation of water.

Mechanism of the Baffle :
As illustrated in the drawing alongside, the "HYDINT" Moisture Separator incorporates two types of separating tools, the first of which is the Baffle type. When the air strikes against the re-inforced Steel Baffle provided within the Separator on the inlet, there is further compression at the point of strike, any water in liquid/fog form will be initially separated at this stage itself before it has a chance to enter the innards of the Separator (The Coalescer). This greatly increases the life of the Coalescer while performing as a Separator itself.

Mechanism of the Coalescer :
After the air has been relieved of some of its Separator by the Baffle, as explained above, it is subject to another relieving mechanism, the Coalescer. The principle on which this Coalescer operates is explained in the diagram. The moisture has a tendency to be attracted to the solid stainless screen due to cohesive forces. Any gathering of water will form a drop which increases in size and eventually becomes heavy enough to drop downwards to be collected and disposed off. This phenomenon is best seen in nature in the form of rain. Moisture laden air forms clouds which grow in size till such a time that they are heavy enough to fall on the earth as rain. The Coalescer can be compared to the seeding of the clouds, where an impurity in the form of minute dust particles is sprayed into the clouds by aeroplane and rain is perpetuated. On enhancing its product profile within each business, we have dedicated team of professionals totally focused on supplying their position in the comprehensive market.
It is recommended to install this "HYDINT" Moisture Separator just before application point for better performance.